Cheerful Service Award

Each year, one adult and one Scout are selected to receive this award based on the number of volunteer hours given to our community through our Troop's service projects. Below are our past recipients of this cherished award:

2005 Mr. John Campbell & J. Rohn
2006 Mr. Tavis Tackett & Jake Barbarone
2007 Mr. Jim Rohn & Mr. Bob Schneider & Mrs. Mary Anne Schneider & Dan Quinn
2008 Mr. Michael Gasparino & Alex Bogosh
2009 Mr. Ray Winkelmann & Jake Klein
2010 Mr. John Klein & Tyler Harris
2011 Mr. George Skoog & Justin Klein
2012 Mr. Will Teeter & Casey Wagner
2013 Mr. Chris Wagner & Ben Sammons
2014 Mr. Kurt Schafer & A. Schafer
2015 Mr. Brian Cooper & A. Cooper
2016 Mr. Dave Hagenbuch & Nathan Malin-Jones
2017 A. Tolliver & M. Tolliver
2018 Mr. Kenneth Russell & M. Russell

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